Artist Statement

Western Lifestyle Photography

I’m photographer/artist John “Grief” Hoskin. My photographs capture a way of life that’s a few miles off the highway, but a million miles from ordinary. My preferred subjects are the landscapes and lifestyles of the American Cattle Rancher, rodeos, horses, wildlife of the West. Particularly Yellowstone National Park.

I really don’t like to fly. In fact, I drive everywhere and usually not in a straight line. Nor do I take the shortest, or easiest route. This way, I get the chance to photograph what I believe is the true Western Lifestyle.
A lifestyle that hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of the country, but in fact, is in danger of being consumed by the present, which I believe happens to all traditions.

It’s this tradition ,that includes the family ranch, the cowboy, the horse, the wildlife of the west, Native Americans and the vistas they occupy –that are disappearing. These are my subjects.

For some, collecting art is about making an investment.

For others, it’s about the need to fill a blank spot on the wall with the appropriate subject matter, size, and color palette.

But the art you’re drawn to is about more than that

It’s about the West, and horses, and a way of life that you revere, even if you can’t live it.

Although you might live in a city, far removed from the wide-open spaces and landscapes of the American West, you have a deep appreciation for the western lifestyle, and all it represents.

The freedom, adventure, and breathtaking beauty.

And while you might not be able to live the western lifestyle day-to-day, you can own a piece of art that expresses the romance, spirit, and grandeur of the West, and the people and horses that inhabit it.

I  believe the  comment below might  sum it up , its from one of my customers who ranch in Eastern Oregon.

“We are the young ranchers here, late 50’s. However, I have lamented the fact that the other ranchers are all late 70’s early 80’s and still working, I love to go with them and see how well they ride and how sad it will be to lose all their beauty. I try and photograph but I am just a picture taker. None of their kids want to go into ranching so, in the
next decade it will be gone, that is why I love your photos. You take a story in a picture, one that makes me almost
want to cry, the wild horses, the good animals lost and the Cowboys gone.
Thank You”
C. Norton

That is my inspiration.
Thank You

Without the advent of the Horse…there would not be an American or Canadian West…as we know it….